Hiroshi Ebina | Evanescent

Release: June 25, 2018

  1. (Then)

  2. What Might Have Been Lost

  3. If the Night Would Last

  4. Aloes Wood

The new full-length album is available via various streaming and download platforms, as well as bandcamp.

The album has immersive ambient tracks written and recorded during the time of lots of changes and challenges in my life—I was moving from New York to Tokyo, and this would become my first work fully integrating modular synthesizers and other hardwares. 

While the recording has only four tracks, each track lasts for almost 20 minutes (except for the first tune). Once you hit the play button, you might forget you’re listening to music and find yourself in a calm state. Although I’m using various electronics and effects, most of the sound sources are acoustic instruments or found objects, something very natural to our ears and bodies. 

All four tracks have been proudly mixed down by Joseph Branciforte, a good friend of mine and accomplished musician/producer.